INNOVENTIONS Computer Hardware and Software Development Services

INNOVENTIONS Inc. provides computer hardware and software design for other companies. Typically, such work may relate to customization of existing INNOVENTIONS products and technologies. In other cases, INNOVENTIONS can put its accumulated 32 years of experience and knowledge in computer hardware and software design at your company's disposal.

The picture below shows a computerized memory test equipment package developed specifically for a Fortune 500 company back in 1991. This project included the development of both hardware and software to meet the company's special specifications and goals. INNOVENTIONS also offers specific hardware and software design services for its patented RotoView technology.

Quickdraw computerized memory tester, developed for Intel Corporation in 1991.

To receive a customized quote for your project please call us at (281) 879-6226 M-F 9:00-5:00 US Central Time, or send your E-mail to, or fax us (281) 879-6415. Along with your specifications, please remember to include your phone and e-mail address.