With its small footprint, large bright display and fast USB interface, RAMCHECK LX is very simple to use. To test a module, just turn RAMCHECK LX on, insert the DIMM, then press the Start button. That's it! No complicated setup is required. Display screens are informative and simple to read. Of course, more complex user defined test parameters are available for advanced users.

Frequent Firmware Updates

RAMCHECKLX is easy to upgrade! INNOVENTIONS provides frequent firmware upgrades that you can quickly download and install. With its high-frequency test engine, expandable design and powerful test algorithms, RAMCHECK LX gives you state-of-the-art memory testing at a very affordable price. It even includes a PC software package to print/log your test results and store/program SPD information.

Since we've been in business for over 30 years, you're in great company when you purchase from INNOVENTIONS! Thousands of companies worldwide, including most Fortune 500 companies, use our test equipment every day, including the original SIMCHECK tester.


Tilt-to-Scroll Technology for Mobil Devices

RotoView pioneered "tilt-to-scroll" display navigation for smartphones, tablets, GPS, gaming devices, wearable virtual reality (VR) devices, digital cameras, eBook readers, and other small handheld electronic devices. As these devices become even more popular, manufacturers and their customers are confronted by increasingly complex navigation schemes. Users demand that more and more information (maps, images, videos, web pages, action games) be packed into the tiny displays found on these devices, yet a key problem remains: How can the user easily navigate through a large amount of information using that tiny display? Better yet, how can we navigate that small screen intuitively, and preferably, with a single hand?

The RotoView® Solution

The patented RotoView technology solves this problem by allowing the user to "tilt" their way around the display. During RotoView's Navigation mode, the user can navigate a large virtual display by changing the device's orientation or with various movements. In particular, it allows the user to quickly and efficiently navigate a large display in all directions. With RotoView, the user avoids smearing the display with finger prints and it eliminates the problem of inadvertent touches on links scattered on the screen that will take the user elsewhere.

RotoView completes the user interface puzzle

The RotoView® Apps

RotoView technology can be easily integrated with all current smartphones and modern personal media devices that already include a tri-axis accelerometer and/or gyroscope. To demonstrate the importance and benefits of the RotoView patents and technology, we have created several proof-of-concept apps, including the RotoView Photo Viewer for Android and RotoView Demo for iPhone. These RotoView Photo Viewers are useful productivity tool for your phone, providing unique view navigation for your stored pictures. The new RotoView PDF Reader for Android allows you to navigate your PDF pages.

RotoView PDF Reader

RotoView PDF Reader

RotoView PDF Reader for Android brings the RotoView tilt to scroll technology to PDF reading.

RotoView Photo Viewer

RotoView Photo Viewer

RotoView Photo Viewer for Android is a full feature gallery based up with RotoView tilt to scroll technology.

Sensor Kinetics

Unleash the Sensors in Your Smartphone and Tablets

INNOVENTIONS utilized its accumulated expertise with modern sensor during the development of the RotoView technology to create popular apps for smartphones and tablets that teach the users about the built in sensors and provide advance data loggings, numeros demonstration and various experiments.

Sensor Kinetics and Sensor Kinetics Pro apps are available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Sensor Kinetic is a free version with over a million downloads. The paid Pro version enables file saving and file sharing, as well as advanced sensor filtering. The Pro version is used by numerous researchers worldwide to monitor kinetic behaviour of various objects and (even) people.

The Sensor Kinetic Apps

Sensor Kinetics is supported for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Sensor Kinetics main screen

Sensor Kinetics for iOS

The main screen of Sensor Kinetics for iOS device shows the current readings from the main sensors.

Multi-Sensor Recorder

Multi-Sensor Recorder

Sensor Kinetics for Android provides a multi-sensor recording that enables the user to simultaneous record any combination of sensors that are availab in the device.